Dancing Butterflies

There are butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and fireflies EVERYWHERE.

It’s like I’m parting a sea of wings when I walk outside during the day. At night, it seems like the stars have come down around me. It is so beautiful!

When I first moved in, there was a dragonfly with black-striped wings who would hang out on my back patio daily. I read somewhere that they were territorial so I’m glad he picked my place. I also read that they live most of their life in the Nymph stage which can last years!

Just recently, I saw a new (to me) dragonfly that had such a long body it looked like his wings were working double time to keep him in the air. He kind of looked like a long row boat that almost broke in half with every stroke.

Lately almost every day, I see butterflies dancing with each other. They swirl around each other like they’re in some sort of ballet that we humans can barely comprehend. While it is almost impossible to capture the butterfly dance via photograph, I snapped a video of the dancing butterflies a while back.

They also like to hang out on my front porch. I found a cluster, or a kaleidoscope, of them on the carpet of my front porch the other day. I couldn’t get a shot of all of them, but here are a few hanging around…

I’ve also begun learning about the different kinds of butterflies. My favorite identification source is Gardens with Wings. You can search by common name, wing size, or color. It’s helped me to discover that most of the butterflies in my area are Swallowtails. Recently, I saw a beautiful yellow and black one that had blue at the  bottom of its wings. It was gorgeous! I looked it up and found out that the multi-colored ones are female. I need to get a better camera so I can get a decent shot of her. She stays out back in the brush and wild weeds.

Another lesson: Apparently, the little brown guys like snake skin. Yep. I found a VERY fresh snake skin in the yard the other day (more on that later). When I stretched it out to dry out, I was not surprised to see ants crawling on it. I was quite surprised the next day to see all the (Hackberry Emperor?) butterflies on it.


It may only be the time of year, but I love that I seem to live in a wild-winged-animal village. I’ll be planting wildflowers next year to ensure a return. I’ve recently discovered that it’s called wildscaping. I’m definitely getting in on this. Stay tuned!




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