Update: Petal’s Resolution

It is official. Petal has been transported to her new home on a farm in Franklin with many other goats, cows, and even llamas.

According to her (now previous) owner, Petal presented a little bit of an attitude. Instead of joining the other goats, she followed the people around and visited with the llamas who greeted her with a nose-touch. Then she gave further attitude to the goats by head-butting them, but what do you expect? She’s been alone for 2 1/2 months and was with only one other goat before that. She just needs a little time to re-acclimate… or maybe join the llamas.

Thanks so much to the kind lady named Lou at Farm Animal Care Coalition of Tennessee (FACCT) for providing the transportation. You have made a huge difference in this goat’s life and we are all very appreciative.

Thank you, also, for the others offers of help that came through. It is so great to know that people are willing to go out of their way to help an animal in need.

I will miss you, Petal, but it is worth it to know you are in goat paradise and will be able to run and frolic more than you were ever able to here.

Peace out


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