Good Buddies and a New Visitor

Remember how I said the first birds to the seed feeders were the chickadees and the first ones to the sugar water feeders were the wasps? Well, I guess that also extends to ground grazing. Where the possum goes, others soon follow.

I first started seeing the possum around my front yard feeders. He would graze slowly, not caring whether or not I was there.

One night the lights were off and I *thought* I saw him but the movements seemed a little different. A little faster paced or something. Turns out, that probably wasn’t the possum.

Early one morning as I was opening my blinds on my windows that point out back, I caught a glimpse of the possum in the woods. I ran and grabbed the binoculars and he was gone… but there was a skunk not far behind him. My cat saw this skunk, too, and seemed quite enamored as he scratched at the window meowing amorously. I immediately thought of a reverse Pepe LePew scenario.

Not long after, the possum was grazing out front for quite a while. I came back out after I had been inside for a bit and he was still grazing. Apparently, my entrance onto the porch startled him and he started walking away until I said “Hey there, you can stay and munch. No worries.” This guy turns around, looks at me, and hesitates until I say “It’s okay”. He then returns to his spot under the feeder for a bit before meandering nearer my house then wandering off down the creek. It’s like he knew I meant him no harm.

Later that night, I come back out and something is again grazing under the feeder, so I assume it is the possum, but the white on this animal combined with the more erratic nature of his feeding told me it wasn’t the possum. Once I realized it was probably the skunk, my first instinct was to go back inside. I did NOT want to get sprayed. But this guy was out a bit and he had space to run away (my assumption being that spraying me would be a last resort), so I watched him for a bit. Sometimes when he turned, his white V pattern made it look like a possum’s face so I wonder if that similarity is why he’s following him around.

Then my large side-yard feeder broke and spilled sunflower seed all on the ground. Over the course of the next few nights, the skunk and possum couple were joined by other possums, only one of which the main possum ran off.

The skunk seems to be digging holes around my yard, maybe getting ready to nest since it is mating season. I read that they  are nomadic, though, so hopefully this one will not live here forever. It would be cool to see some offspring.

In Tennessee, if a skunk is trapped it must be euthanized by law. I don’t want the poor skunk to die unnecessarily, so I won’t be trapping it unless it seems rabid.0214172033a

I haven’t seen the skunk lately, but the possum still hangs around. Now, if I startled him he crawls up into one of the trees near the creek until I leave.

There is also a new animal… a raccoon.

Just the other night my cat was scratching at the window so I turned the light on for him and saw the raccoon reaching for the seed feeder around back.

He ran off for a minute so I was watching the cat that was up there with him hoping the cat was catching any mice that might be in my garage. The raccoon soon returned so I was able to take few pictures of him at the feeder tilting it back as if it were built just for him. I knocked on the window to get him to cut it out, but he just waved and kept eating! I eventually had to step out the back door to get him to stop. Ha!

He came back the next night but I had moved the feeder. Animal-lover thus sucker that I am, the next day I moved it back because it is hilarious to watch thus worth the money on more seeds.

The adventures continue!


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