Eagle vs. Heron

Earlier in the spring, I joined a few friends on a beach vacation at the Gulf of Mexico. I love to sit and watch the waves. I can do it for hours. During this particular visit, I was often joined by a Great Blue Heron who would chill behind the fishermen all day in hopes of catching their catches.

Pretty sure the Great Blue Heron is my spirit animal.

I also love seafood and so eat as much as possible while I am at or near the coast. A few days into our vacation, we were at a fresh seafood restaurant on the bay when wildlife excitement unfolded.

We were sitting out back on the patio facing the bay. Just after we placed our orders, we heard a squawk and looked over at a marshy spot in the water to see a Great Blue Heron eye-balling a Bald Eagle while all the other birds flew away. The heron was in the water while the eagle trotted around on a small island pretending to hunt.

After a few minutes, the heron began to fish. As soon as that heron had a fish in his beak, the eagle took that opportunity to fly up towards the trees and with a great eagle yell, he attacked the heron’s nest only to find another heron guarding it.

So it seemed he did not get what he was after. But my oh my, the experience was amazing! I never in my life imagined I would be witness to such a wildlife adventure, but I am so fortunate I was able to see it.

Later that week, we saw a couple of eagles flying around the beach but the seagulls quickly ran them off.

This adventure just goes to show that wildlife adventures are everywhere! Pay attention! It is worth every second.


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