Deer vs. Flowers

I’m not a big gardener. Sure, I love flowers and greenery, but when I moved here I never planned on having a vegetable garden or even a flower garden. I do have a long-term dream of a beautiful perennial flower garden, but even that upkeep may be too much for me. To better determine how to develop the garden areas around my house, I figured I’d let things grow this year and see what comes up with no effort.

And boy, things grew!!

It was so beautiful! I began thinking that maybe I’d put in a *little* effort to see these beauties blossom.

Then, the deer came. Granted, they had already been here, but once these flowers bloomed, they came with a vengeance.

They began getting closer to the house.

I had never seen a deer this close and around the front part of my house.

Then they started chasing away the feral cats that were hanging around.

Seriously, I have a video of this deer running at this cat to make it go away.

Then, a bunch of them came in the night.

Half a dozen and they DEMOLISHED my flowers…

The next morning, all the flowers were gone. I was sad.


Doe & fawn hanging on the hill

The fawn used my hill to practice walking

…well, needless to say I was no longer mad about the flowers. Fawns are SO CUTE, so how could I be mad to see doe and fawn hang on my hill and eat the remaining flowers while the fawn practices walking on my hill? So precious! I love nature!

Ultimately, what I decided I would do is “wildscaping” which basically means planting a lot of native plants and wildflowers that pollinators would enjoy. I did plant a few sapling flowering trees and hundreds of wildflower seeds last spring, but the chipmunks and birds must have eaten all the seeds because there were maybe only a couple flowers that sprouted. I will try to add to that step this next year. And I really need to learn that weeding is a good thing, otherwise the trees growing in the flowerbed next to my house will take over!


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